Look, See, and Think

Inertia Independent Winds from Dayton, Ohio Is proud to announce their 2019 show entitled “Blue Poles.”

Blue Poles is an abstract expressionist show that is inspired by Jackson Pollock’s painting “Number 11” later titled Blue Poles.  The show used inspiration from the painting to create three-dimensional imagery similar to the paintings of Jackson Pollock.  The tarp and use of 16 blue poles lay a foundation for the imagery, as we explore the behavior of dynamic systems that are highly sensitive to environmental conditions.

Blue Poles is a transitional work where color, dimension, space, time, and frantic dance along with unconscious expression are used to represent nature.   Abstract movement and improvisation along with the placement of poles may differ from performance.  Along with multiple focus points this may, like Jackson Pollock’s paintings, make the show different every time you see it.

The is based on Jeff Beal’s the movie soundtrack from the movie Pollock and original composition and arrangements by Andrew Markworth.  Show staging was done by Mike Lentz.