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When you make a purchase from Amazon by using the link below or clicking on the banner, Central Ohio Performing Arts, Inertia Independent Winds parent organization will receives donation.  Support Inertia as you do your Holiday Shopping.


Columbus Clippers

Dayton Dragons

Ohio State University

Inertia Independent prides itself as having one of the lowest fees in the area for a performing arts group! The value for the experience we offer surpasses what is currently industry standard. We travel throughout Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. To help defer costs for any members we offer several fundraising opportunities between Columbus and Dayton! Not only are you earning money for your account but you also get to see wonderful sporting events by these local teams!

On behalf of Inertia Independent, we want to say thank you to the Columbus Clippers, The Ohio State University and the Dayton Dragons for providing these opportunities for our organization and it’s members, you are helping our corp reach their dreams that otherwise may not be possible. Thank you!

**We are always looking for new opportunities, so please do not hesitate to let our fundraising director know.

Announcing OSU Dates AND Clipper’s!

2017 OSU Football Games!! Must have 12 to a booth.

We need 9 people 21 and up, we can have no more than 3 people age 18.

Dates will fill fast, don’t miss out! Great for new members as well!!

Absolutely a great money maker to defer costs!

Please email Chris Staats to sign up for OSU games!

Contact Caren Davis for Clipper’s games through Facebook. Thank you!

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Up to twenty six percent (26%) of your online shopping can benefit Inertia! Simply sign up via this link, select Inertia Independent as the non-profit organization, wait for a confirmation email, and begin shopping! The holidays are just around the corner! Share with your friends and family so they can shop, give and show their support!

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Support the Corps

Inertia Independent is a 501c-3 not for profit organization. We ventured out 3 years ago as a small ensemble with the drive to continue music education and keep the performing arts alive in our area. To keep an organization running it takes hard work and financial support to provide what each member needs for a season and to ensure a program for future members. We cannot do this without the help of our members, families, fans, friends and volunteers. Your generous donation to a 501c-3 organization helps ensure that our organization can survive and thrive by providing a helping hand to our members.

We have several ways you can help impact our group. We are always in need of sponsorship, donations and volunteers.

Why give financially?

Our members and staff put in longs hours of practice perfecting music, learning drill design and choreography that takes months to learn. The life changing experiences this activity brings can only come to life with your help.

Learn more about the impact of your contributions and how you can make a difference today as a donor or volunteer

How can I make a difference?

Volunteers are needed for the 2018 season. Please fill out a volunteer form and submit what areas you can help out. Your donation of time and talent to the program is greatly appreciated by the corp and staff!

Food Crew: Provide snacks, water, organizes meal planning if needed

Facility Planner: Seeks and secures rehearsal facilities for corp

Uniform Team: Help members with uniform maintenance

Prop / Equipment Team: Physically able volunteers that can help with designing and building,props. Patient problem solvers, detail oriented. Assist with managing all touring equipment, vehicles, and field props for Inertia Independent including repairs, part replacement, loading, and unloading

Where and When can I help?

Please check the upcoming schedule when it is released

How do I sign up?

To sign up, please fill out the volunteer form below.